Hitting a snag

Hello friends!

Sorry for the long delay between posts! Things have been super crazy between preparing for a work conference in Boston and a lot of life happening. Unfortunately, all of that stress was getting to me, and I was really struggling to keep it together. 

Something had to give, and I chose to temporarily put my diet on hold.  I decided this for a number of reasons, the biggest being that my willpower was crumbling due to lack of sleep, and I was starting to feel extreme guilt for eating off-program.  I knew that that negativity wasn’t something I needed to deal with, and since that was something I actually had control over I made the decision to be gentle with myself. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that I’ve gone crazy eating all of the things. I’m still making healthier decisions (baked rather than fried, veggies before eating the rest of the meal, cooking more at home, watching portion sizes, etc). Binge eating has always been one of my biggest struggles. The first year that I started my antidepressant, I gained 60 pounds from stress eating Domino’s stuffed cheesy bread, among other things. One of my reasons for doing this diet program was to break, or at least diminish, my emotional connection with food.

I’m extraordinarily happy to report that in the month that I have been off-program, I have gained exactly ZERO pounds!!  Honestly, this makes me as happy as when I was losing weight.  The fact that I was able to moderate my food intake and exercise in a period of high stress, when I otherwise would have gained at least 5-10 pounds, is a huge accomplishment!! I won’t always be on this diet program, but I will have periods of high stress in my life. And I most definitely have learned fantastic life skills from this program!

The last thing I wanted to mention was that I got to see a visual representation of my efforts once again – it never gets old!! I took this picture on the airplane on the way to Boston (with lots of commentary from Amy). The last time I flew – the month before I started this program – I was millimeters away from needing a seat belt extension.

I’m still 60 pounds down, and looking to lose around 100 more. This is definitely a crazy journey, friends! Thanks for sticking with me!


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