My “first” 5k adventure

As many of you might have seen, I recently ran a 5k!! This was a huge deal for me, because I haven’t run any further than a mile since 2008, the one and only year I did my high school cross country team. Also, this was my first ever legit road race.

I find this quite ironic, actually, because I hate running. I’m really more of a biker, but one day in July I woke up and was like, I’m going to run the Melon Festival 5k in 6 weeks! So I convinced my friend and coworker Amy to run with me and signed up 🙂

I’ve been working with my personal trainer, Chad, since November of 2015. I figured, how hard could it be to run 3.1 miles? I’ve essentially been doing extended conditioning by being overweight and doing all sorts of lifts and cardio, now being more than 50 pounds down it shouldn’t be that bad.  I did one training run beforehand, of 3.1 miles, because I wanted to see what kind of pace to expect. That one I finished in 52 minutes.

So the day of the race it’s dreary and windy and I’m seriously regretting my decision to sign up. My parents came into town for the festival and I knew they would be at the finish line waiting, so I lined up with Amy and her niece Paige and eventually we were off. 

Now, I’ve driven in Howell before and it’s very flat. But for some reason when you’re running everything suddenly becomes WAY more hilly than you remember. And the evening was suddenly a lot hotter. And my muscles were nowhere near prepared for the starting pace I chose (whoops!). By the time I made it to the first mile, I was kind of into a groove though! People had their boats on Thompson Lake and were playing music watching the race, which was really cool! 

I was able to keep my groove until I hit the water station. It’s really hard to jog and drink water at the same time (I was wondering how that worked, still haven’t figured it out yet), so I slowed down to and walk. I still ended up with about half of it on me but it felt suuuuuper nice!

Around the 2 mile mark, I was really bored (why I hate running), so I decided to text my dad a #selfie because I’m a #millenial. The water on my shirt is from failed water stops #1 and #2.

Finally, after all my hard work and effort, I made it to the finish line (which is on an uphill slope, because reasons). In true Chartiers Valley Cross Country fashion, I gave it every little ounce of energy I had left and “sprinted” into the finish line!

My goal time for the race was under 50 minutes, and boy was I disappointed when I saw the time on that clock! On the fly, I made a new goal for myself to finish in under 51 minutes (which according to the clock I didn’t make). This being my first legit race, it didn’t even occur to me at the time that since I was in the middle of the pack to start my actual time was less than that shown on the clock. In actuality, I made it within my original goal of 50 minutes – by one second!! AND I didn’t come in last (which I was pretty much expecting because that’s basically my sports career in a nutshell) 🙂

The race was definitely harder than I was expecting, but now I dislike running slightly less than before. And I’ve had a few more “flashes of inspiration” and signed up for another 5k in October, a 10k in November, and then I will be participating in the Pittsburgh half marathon (13.1 miles!!!) in May!

Thanks for reading this long post everyone! I’m excited to improve in future races!


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