Fives, fives and more fives

So as you can probably tell by the title, I have lots of fives in my life right now. Obviously, there’s five days my the average work week. There are five instruments in my brass quintet. We have five trumpets in the house, etc.  The most important fives in my life though are none of those.

First, I have officially lost 55 pounds!!! The change is pretty apparent I think:

Me and Chelsea (plus sideways Kyle) on November 5, 2016 at my sister’s wedding

Me in a new outfit I love about two weeks ago

Second, I can’t even believe how big of a change that 55 pounds has made!! I was able to go into a store (Maurices, thanks Julie for the recommendation in 2010!) and with no trouble was able to find a pair of shorts and a shirt that fit. In fact, everything I tried on fit. I almost cried from excitement, instead of the usual frustration and anger at myself. Still mad at stores for making it impossible for plus size women to have a pleasant shopping trip, but that’s another story.

Third, I am 5 pounds away from being 100 pounds away from my goal. This is HUGE for me, since I have never in my life lost weight. That puts me currently at 34.375% of the way to my goal =D

Fourth and finally, to celebrate all of my progress, I decided to sign up for my first 5k (3.2 miles) since I ran cross country in high school!!! My good friend Amy is running it with me, so yay I have company!! The 5k is the kickoff to the annual Melon Festival in Howell, which is a celebration of the Howell cantaloupe strain. I did a trial run today, and aside from a handful of 20 step breaks I was able to run the whole time! 

That’s between a 15 minute mile and 16 minute mile pace, which is about what it was in high school. Since I’m about 100 pounds heavier now, I can’t even imagine how strong my legs will be when I’m down to my goal weight!!!

The race is August 17th, so I’ll definitely update you all when it’s over!!! Thanks for reading!! 


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