Week One Weigh-In!

Well friends, I have officially survived week one of my program!!!!

I had a check-in with the dietician and she said my exercise level and water intake were both great and a lot higher than most people usually have at this stage in the program, which is definitely a good thing!  Best of all, I got to see how all of my hard work this past week has paid off.

Weight last week: 345lbs (I gained a little before starting the Optifast)

Weight this week: 335lbs

Total weight loss: 10lbs (!!!)

Yup, since starting the program last week I’ve lost 10 pounds!!!!! Additionally, I lost about an inch each from my hips and waist.  I know that this is mostly water weight, but it’s great to see progress in the right direction!  Going into the appointment today, I was half afraid that I wouldn’t have lost anything, but I didn’t cheat and it definitely shows =)

The dietician warned that after a few weeks the weight loss would slow down, but I’m currently on track to finish phase 1 on time or even a little early!  So here’s to week two, and continued progress!!  I could not have done it without everyone’s support!!!



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